Monday, March 17, 2014


 No blog last week!  Don’t leave me, loyal readers!  Busy week last week, highlighted by:

1. A new group of medical residents 
2. Eric swimming in his third ocean     
3. Another mommy spider attack with 2,000 baby spiders darting all over the bathroom.  Camille, once again…

4. I found a job :).  I am joining the Bullis Upper School to teach 9th and 10th grade social studies.  This means I will have taught 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade.  Kindergarten through 3rd grade, you’re nex…nope, nope, so many nopes.  

We went on our grand family vacation this weekend to lovely Manda island in the Lamu archipelago, and…wait, what’s that Eric?  You want to write this week’s blog?  Go for it!  Stop, hold on, ack, don’t step on my face, wait, what’s that smell…

Thanks, Dada.  We can take care of that later.  To begin, I remember back when I was six months old, my parents warned me that if I ate any more rocks (I still eat rocks), they would send me to Africa.  Man, I should have believed them.  Ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball.  I love saying ball.  But my new word is Bubbles. Make sure you stress the first syllable.  BUBbles.  BUBbles.  BUBbles.  BUBbles.  BUBbles.  Mostly, I’m not talking until they give me my crayons back.  Crayons taste DELICIOUS. 

Before we left for Lamu, teacher Dada made me take a geography test about it.  Lamu is on the northern coast of Kenya, in the Indian Ocean.  There are no cars in Lamu!  Just many, many donkeys.  To get there, we had a 90-minute driv to Nairobi, a 90-minute flight aboard a miniature twelve-passenger plane, and then a 45-minute boat ride over the largest bathtub I’ve ever seen.  Our small wooden boat was full of big red fish.  Mommy wouldn’t let me eat, kiss, or even hug the fish.  When we reached Manda Island, Dada had to carry me through the water to get to shore.  You know the best thing about Manda?  It’s covered in sand!  You can scoop sand, dig sand, throw sand, pee on sand, eat sand (preferably not where you peed), and fall in sand without getting hurt!  Yay!  

We stayed at emerald, no no, sapphire, no that’s wrong too…Diamond Beach Village, in a banda made out of "woven palms with a thatched roof" (thanks for the help, Mommy), right on the beach.  My crib is made out of gummy bears and dancing Elmos.  It’s REALLY HOT in Lamu!  Why do I have to wear any clothes?!  And what's so wrong with eating rocks?!  The giant bathtub felt so nice. I swam and swam with Mama and Dada DOGGY! DOGGY!  WOOF WOOF!  WOOF WOOF!  WOOF woof….

Ok, I’m back.  Eric just ran after our neighbor’s dog.  Lamu was a wonderful trip.  We were in for one surprise, though.  This weekend was the end of the annual Lamu Yoga Festival, which culminated in a party, hosted by Diamond Beach Village, on Saturday night. We were worried when we saw them hauling four gigantic speakers up the beach, but Eric rocked it!  He slept through a mixture of Swahili reggae, rap, house, and R&B music.  He also mastered downward facing dog. 

I’m going to let the pictures and captions take it from here.  

Eric was really excited when we reached the airport.
Asleep on the plane.
Awake!  I have a Gulotta mustache too.

On a boat!

Camille and Eric maintained identical expressions for the entire ride.
Diamond Beach Village

This is a wonderful memory for me.  Eric and I loved playing in the water.
The dhow sailboats leaving on their sunset sails. 
Eric was pretty relaxed at dinner.

The next morning, we took a boat to Lamu town.  No motorized vehicles on the island.
The streets were very narrow as a result.

The antique doors were exquisitely hand carved.  Camille had told me I wasn't smiling big enough.

We visited the old British fort/prison.  Eric was hot.

He was much happier in the water.

Eric's beached boat by our chairs.  Don't eat the sand, Eric!

Eric befriended the kind beach dogs.
We had the entire beach to ourselves.

Well, except for the goats. 
And a conch.  This little guy was not pleased.  He kept swiping at me.
Eric was dancing to "zoomba" yoga.
On our ride home.  Goodbye, Lamu!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congratulations on your new job! The kids at Bullis are lucky to have you! And, for sure you will have your chance to teach from pre-K all the way to 12th grade and more ... at home .... with Eric! He is lucky to have you as his daddy and his teacher too! Eric, please continue to be you - cute and adorable! But please stop growing so fast!

    1. Thanks, Viv! Eric is certainly giving me an education :).

      He can count to five now. It's the cutest. I hope you and your family are well!

  2. Lamu is so beautiful - glad that you took some family vacation time to visit such a gorgeous location. Looks like Eric is still eating sand - he will certainly have a very robust digestive system by the time he enters school! And he is such a prolific writer already - his Nana is very proud. Please let C know how lovely she looks in the "cocktail" picture. Love, MOM

  3. Fantastic episode!! Those were the best pics of a family vacation I have ever seen.

    You guys look so good, and you both have jobs when you get home. AWESOME.