Monday, February 10, 2014


Guest blog by Camille Puronen, wife of world-renowned eater, Daniel Gulotta.

So these blog posts are interesting and all, but I know what you're really wondering.  What do we eat?  Dan's too busy writing exams to get into it right now, but food is one of his favorite topics.  I can't match his appetite or enthusiasm, so I'll just show you some pictures.

A pretty standard lunch:  Ugali (mash made of boiled maize) and some stewed cabbage.

Another lunch option:  chapati with vegetables, my personal favorite.  Here accompanied by chicken stew.  Omg, so good.

The greens are called sukuma wiki--sauteed kale or spinach.
Or, maybe you're more of a samosa type:

Of course, it's hard to make it past all the delicious stuff for sale on the street:

Mangos, or mangoes if you're British.
Pineapple and plums.

Irene's favorite.
Our fruit bowl at home always looks exotic.

Shrink-wrapped apples in background.  Not bought on street.

Irene, staking out our roof in frustration at being denied access to said fruit bowl.

One day they will open the kitchen window again.

And for dessert, Dan's favorite:

Not actually nutritious.
Delicacies like applesauce must be obtained in Nairobi.

Eric, don't waste. That jar of applesauce was $6!
Blogging is exhausting!  Time for a snack.

Happy eating!


  1. As always : a wonderful experience to read about my brave adventurous family in Africa. Looks like the taste buds are satisfied. Bill Gulotta

  2. I've read this twice and needed to get a bite to eat each time. YUM!!!!