Monday, October 21, 2013

Mt. Kenya

We are coming home tomorrow.  I’m booking our flight…  Red Sox vs Cardinals World Series?  Really?  This year?  The one year we are both in Kenya and have no TV access?  For my thousands of new readers, Camille was born in St. Louis, and I’m from Mass.  Not cool, fate.  Not cool.
Short post this week!  My computer crashed (hopefully it’s just the battery), so I’ve had limited computer/internet access.  I now have two alternatives for online grad school: 1) Handwrite, place in bottles, launch into Indian Ocean.  2) Steal Camille’s computer, and feel her wrath.  I better collect some bottles…. 

This really exists.
Great quote from our Aunt Hazel.  I think she summed up Kenya perfectly:  “…organized chaos and lack of good infrastructure in towns contrasting with the serenity of nature and the hypnotic effect of observing wildlife.”

Here are ten things I currently love about Kenya:
  1. The passion fruit.  I don’t know if you have ever eaten passion fruit, but to quote my Dad, “a taste explosion.”  Kenya has these special yellow passion fruits that look like mini-gourds stuffed with gray seeds resembling brains.  Picture yourself munching on the heads of one of the aliens from Mars Attacks. Delicious.  I love fruit where you eat the seeds.  Passion fruit, pomegranates, blackberries…
  2. Playing volleyball with the boys at the children’s shelter. 
  3. Driving along the road and all of a sudden, we are surrounding by giraffes calmly eating.  
  4. Eric dropping objects, saying “Uh Oooooooohhhhh,” picking up the object and repeating.
  5. The equator Coriolis effect.  More on this later.  
  6. Camille’s curls.
  7. The rays of light shining down along the mountains in the afternoons. 
  8.  Wait, Eric, you want to sleep through the night again? YAAAAYYYY.
  9. My upcoming “Free the Donkeys” campaign.
  10. The Total petrol (gas) station in town.  They wash my windows, check my oil, rub my feet, put air in my tires (3 out of 4 are true)…
Mt. Kenya!  I see you.
We traveled to Mt. Kenya this weekend.  Mt. Kenya is the second largest mountain in Africa, 17,000 feet high.  My original plan to summit the mountain fell through, but we still had a great trip.

This was the nice part of the road up the mountain. Woah.
The guide book said the weather station was a must-see on the way up the mountain.  This is the weather station.
We stopped by the equator after leaving the mountain.  The "equator professor" demonstrated the Coriolis effect, which Camille thought was a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  But, Wikipedia says it's true. 
We stayed in a cabin on the Naro Moru River with our two awesome new friends, Bill and Susan.  As you will see, Eric loved the grounds.
I'm out of the car!  Waaaaaaaahhhhhh

Eric, our heavenly child
To heavenly to eat our humble food...

 Byyyyyyeeee Mt. Kenya.  We tried taking a different route home, which all of sudden transformed into a car-devouring, dirt road.  Since we had 5 more hours, we turned around.

Top animal pics from the week:

Hello, waterbuck

Colobus monkeys
Kenya has large spiders
I caught this rock hyrax peeking.  Camille says, "Look at his little fingers!"

 Thanks for reading!  Much more to come next week.


  1. As is always the case--I loved reading and seeing this. Your humor is in good taste and the learning experience for your family is at the top of the curve. Red Sox in the series, while the Yanks play golf, oh well. I will cheer for the team that is up to bat: I like offense.

  2. I think the real question is who is Eric rooting for in the World Series? ;)

    1. Um, Eric already grew a beard for this week, so I think we now know :).

  3. Unfortunately, Eric's favorite baseball team is now playing golf . . . NYY!!!!!!!

  4. I think NOT! As a young member of Red Sox Nation, Eric is surely thinking "Fear the Beard - Go Sox!"

  5. D,

    A couple of things to get out of the way to begin with . . .

    First, "Fear the Beard" for Eric might mean nothing more than dinner at Les' house.

    Second, if Eric has really grown a beard to root for the Sox, then he officially has become the first person in that branch of the Gulotta family tree who can grow a beard!!

    Now for the serious thought . . . I was struck, while reading your post about shadowing Camille as she went about her business at the hospital, that you had a chance to do something that not all spouses have. Liz and I have taught in the same schools for 40 years so we know each other's work life, routines, successes in a way that many couples do not. You now have a vision of your wife as professional . . . and I was struck by the elegance of the way in which you wrote about that experience.

    Most of the "Beach Crew" gathered in Pittsfield for dinner last night . . . the same kind of high jinx you have seen many times . . . we all though of all of you many times.

    All the best, Les